Virtual Plant Hypertext Glossary

In order to understand plant structure and anatomy, you will need to have a good understanding the meaning of a range of terms which define the structures we can see. The Virtual Plant glossary gives you access to selected  words and terms that are used frequently in the exercises, and thus provides convenient access to terms which may not be all that familiar to you initially. 


Using the glossary. Simply click on the buttons to access the alphabetic page indexes and a list of glossary terms will be displayed. For example clicking on "A" will highlight the first page of the glossary, and you will see a list of words, including abaxial; abscission zone, accessory cell, acicular crystal, acropetal, actinostele through to xylem fibre and many more useful words and terms. These are all hyperlinked popup text boxes, that will remain open for 30 seconds before automatically closing. Many of the terms are illustrated with appropriate drawings or micrographs to make it easier to understand the meaning of the given definition.

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Click on the buttons below to go to the relevant glossary page