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The Virtual Plant

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 The Virtual Plant 

PC  Macintosh & Linux version

The Virtual Plant contains a number of web-based practical exercises that explore plant structure, Stem, leaf and root anatomy as well as secondary and anomalous growth in plants are introduced. We have included some environmentally-mediated adaptations. The Virtual Plant does not necessarily require access to a microscope. It is an ideal platform for the introduction of under- and post-graduate students to plant anatomy. It includes an on-line virtual glossary, which incorporates words and terms commonly used in plant anatomy. Digital images of root, stem and leaf are included, which may be useful for preparation of course notes, or presentations.  Factfiles deal  with specific aspects of plant structure and function, such as the shoot apex, leaf development, transport process in plants, histochemical techniques as well as functional processes in plants. These are suitable for more advanced courses, but could be used to consolidate the practical material presented in the The Virtual Plant. PowerPoint presentations covering aspects of structure are included, as the basis for 'pre-practical slideshows'.

The material on the CD-ROM should  auto start after insertion on a PC, but will not necessarily do so on a Mac running OS 10.4 Tiger or better. It has been tested and will run on Linux platforms.

The Virtual Plant requires a Java-enabled web browser and ideally,  a screen resolution of at least1024X768 to work properly. It has been tested with Mozilla Firefox as well as with Internet Explorer (Safari and Firefox on Apple Mac).  Note Java scripting and pop-ups must be enabled.

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